A Book Review: The River, By Moonlight, a Novel

September 23, 2008

By Nettie Zoble



The River, By Moonlight, a Novel by Camille Marchetta’s is a tribute to life.  Ironically, in that it is a story about the suicide of Lily, a woman as delicate as her flower namesake; and how her suicide affects the lives of those who loved her.


The book opens with Lily’s mother being notified of her suicide.  Lily kills herself by jumping in the Hudson River at night – by moonlight – in New York City.  Through out the story, Lily’s life runs parallel to the river.  Her friends and family’s memories all are tied to the river.  They all talk about when Lily was 12, and she and her BFF (best friend but not forever) took a boat on the river without permission. Her friends talk about watching her watch the river; and how she begrudingly gave them her paintings of the river.


There are so many underlying stories as well:  World War I is about to start; the challenges of being an immigrant in America; and growing old and lonely.  The book is so well developed that each of these issues is adequately addressed and made poignant.


Reading a book about depression and suicide has the potential for being depressing or overwhelming.  This one is filled with hope.  Camille Marchetta’s treatment of depression (read bi-polar in today’s world) and suicide is inspiring.  She gives the reader a sense of hope and the strength to go on after experiencing a loss and reconnects them with God.


This is a book for parents, friends and readers all looking for hope and peace.


The River, By Moonlight, a Novel is available for purchase through Amazon.com and other booksellers. For more information check out BlogStop Booktours or http://camillemarchetta.com.

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Camille Marchetta September 24, 2008 at 7:56 am

I want to thank you for the wonderful review. It has indeed made my day (maybe even my year! Camille Marchetta

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